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Jan, a regulatory professional, felt stuck in a quasi-legal role and wanted to move to a purer in-house legal position, increase her compensation and create a career development approach that would benefit her for years to come. Partnering together, we developed a value statement for potential employers based on the market information and view of her unique skills and experiences. We amplified her professional profile and, in the process, brought in multiple speaking offers, connections, and recruiter solicitations. Armed with negotiation tips and market information from me, Jan negotiated a package that doubled her salary and significantly improved her benefits. Even before her new offer, she improved her compensation at her old company because she was negotiating from a position of power. More importantly, Jan’s new role will allow her to have a more significant impact and forge a career path that she desires.
Melanie was a senior in-house attorney seeking her first General Counsel role when she began working with me. Despite her vast leadership skills and experiences, Melanie still relied on her technical legal skills to get to the next level. We transformed her mindset, career documents, and professional profile to focus on her incredible and broad leadership skills. We also partnered to develop a plan for her to unleash and increase the power of her Whisper Network. Leveraging her Whisper Network, Melanie increased the number of interview opportunities dramatically. I championed her efforts during this entire process and encouraged her consistency and persistence when searching. Melanie landed several General Counsel offers and selected the one that offered the most upside.
Veronica, a Big Law Firm partner, was tired of relying on others to provide her with work. She wanted to develop her own book of business and become financially less dependent on others. We analyzed her clients to determine who were her ideal clients, what was important to them, and what her unique value add, and brand were. We modified her career documents and marketing to emphasize her brand and address issues important to her ideal clients. We developed a networking strategy to leverage her limited time to cultivate and grow strategic personal relationships effectively. We also honed her approach to requests for proposals, pitches, and making the ask. Veronica was consistent in her business development efforts, and she began to find that people were approaching her for potential matters and then deciding to hire her. We tested with her targets and clients whether she was using a value-add approach that her connections found meaningful. Veronica is well on her way to having an independent book of business and feels more secure in her place in the law firm.
Georgia was frustrated in her in-house role, where for many years, she felt stalled and forgotten. She wanted to leap up the corporate ladder. While an excellent lawyer with incredible high EQ, Georgia kept her leadership skills under wrap and had a few leadership de-railers that she needed to overcome. We partnered together for Georgia to become more comfortable and confident in developing her new behaviors and skills and voicing her opinion. Through work and commitment, Georgia embraced and unleashed her inner leader. When Georgia realized that her management’s false promises of upcoming opportunities were not coming, Georgia decided to search for an opportunity outside her company. We polished off her career documents to highlight what made her an extremely attractive client, and Georgia mastered the in-house interviewing techniques. Georgia had two job offers within two months, with quantum compensation leaps. We partnered on how to negotiate title and committed investment in her development. Georgia selected the one that allowed her to impact the company and double her total compensation significantly.
Cynthia, a corporate partner in a medium-sized national law firm, wanted to increase the revenue credited to her. She wanted to grow her new clients and cross-sell her services to her partners’ clients, and develop relationships with a few key partners to expand what services she sold to her existing clients. Cynthia worked on honing her brand both internally and externally. In addition to sharpening her ideal clients, she determined who would be her ideal partners to cross-sell by examining their practice areas, clients, and ability to collaborate well. By narrowing down her targets, she focused her relationship-building and marketing efforts. Cynthia also honed her approach to negotiating credit on matters. By taking a consistent long-term view on marketing, she doubled the revenues she was credited with and expanded existing client relationships.
Joan was a non-equity partner in a Big Law firm who wanted to move to an in-house role. We spent a fair amount of time dis- cussing the differences and similarities of both legal positions and how they could differ depending on the company. Joan developed a vision for the in-house role that she wanted, including compensation requirements, developmental opportunities, and culture. We also transformed her LinkedIn profile and resume to make her a more attractive in-house client, focusing on her leadership and management skills, approaches, and vision. I also explained to Joan the difference between interviewing for an in-house role and a law firm. Together we prepared her for that process. We formulated a plan to expand her Whisper Network and experiences to make her a more sought-after in-house candidate now and in the future. Joan received several offers at the type of firm she was looking for. After working at one firm for over a year, she was able to go up the ladder by leveraging the skills and plans that we developed.
Linda was a business development professional in a Big Law Firm looking for a business development program for its women attorneys. Linda wanted a program that would be practical and also address the inner critics and other factors that prevent women from developing their own books of business. We collaborated on a multipart program to deliver to the women. The feedback was sensational. Almost all of the women felt better equipped to develop a book of business, had a plan for doing it, and put a method to stay accountable.

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