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Take your legal career from uncertain and uninspired to unstoppable.

Sheila Murphy | legal career coach NYC

I coach lawyers, leaders, and legal organizations to build fulfilling and thriving careers, practices & businesses.

20 years of experience as a former senior legal officer at Fortune 50 firm

Certified coach with deep expertise in developing careers, business & talent

Champion of Women and Diversity

“Helping lawyers, leaders, and legal organizations
propel their careers, business, and talent forward.”

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10 tips for in house council

Are you struggling to advance as in-house counsel?

Download Sheila’s 10 Tips For In-House Counsel Struggling to Advance and discover her time-tested tips to release fear, jump-start your career and propel towards promotion.

9 Tips for lawyers struggling to build a book of business

Are you ready to launch your rainmaker journey?

Download Sheila’s 9 Tips for Lawyers Struggling to Build a Book of Business and discover her time-tested tips to release fear, transform your relationship with business development and launch your rainmaker journey.

What Clients Are Saying About Sheila

"The negotiation tips and market information we discussed allowed me to more than double my salary."

Mid-Atlantic In-House Counsel

"Sheila has an actively growing network which means she has the pulse of what is going on in the legal industry."

Southern In-House Counsel

"As a former senior executive leader with a strong legal network, Sheila knows how people are getting hired...."

Mid-Atlantic- Corporate Legal Group Head

Accelerate your business and career growth

Hiring a coach-consultant is an investment in you, your team, and your business that can lead to a rewarding and prosperous career and business.

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