Business Development Coaching

This personalized coaching program focuses on increasing your book of business by analyzing your current profile, activities, and accomplishments and creating strategic steps to increase client development opportunities and revenue.

The coaching concentrates on the power moves of business development: creating a unique and authentic brand, building and retaining a robust network, and effectively asking for and retaining business.

We also develop strategies to address obstacles and any inner saboteurs who may be undermining your efforts.

Other topics that we may cover include:

  • Marketing to your ideal client
  • Conquering imposter syndrome;
  • Effective selling techniques & pitching;
  • Getting to the ask;
  • Quieting the inner voices that sabotage our success;
  • The business of law;
  • Building confidence;
  • Client service
  • Moving outside your comfort zone; and
  • Navigating politics

We work to maximize the impact of your business development activities and make them part of your typical business week. This coaching is also available for small groups.

What Clients Are Saying About Sheila

"The negotiation tips and market information we discussed allowed me to more than double my salary."

Mid-Atlantic In-House Counsel

"Sheila has an actively growing network which means she has the pulse of what is going on in the legal industry."

Southern In-House Counsel

"As a former senior executive leader with a strong legal network, Sheila knows how people are getting hired...."

Mid-Atlantic- Corporate Legal Group Head

Accelerate your business and career growth

Hiring a coach-consultant is an investment in you, your team, and your business that can lead to a rewarding and prosperous career and business.

Curious as to how this works?

Book a complimentary 30-minute session with us where we can discuss your opportunities and challenges, as well as a pathway forward. The session is entirely free of charge, with no pressure to work with us further.

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