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Strategic Business Development for Firms

Provides strategic planning, advice, and guidance to law firms to enhance business development and employee engagement, propel growth, and increase revenue. I bring over 20 years of legal and business experience, as well as an outside perspective and strategic thinking to the table. Together we assess the firm's current state, develop an individualized plan geared to your firm's unique circumstance and culture. We will develop an on-going process to ensure accountability and evaluations of results. I can include leadership, business development, or accountability coaching and training for key members of the team or staff in this service.

Vision Quest Program

This program helps law firms and other organizations examine their business and market to develop a clear mission, vision, and strategic objectives. We then create an individualized and actionable plan with defined roles and responsibilities to propel future growth. The program also instills accountability and assessment into plan execution to ensure success.

Small Group Coaching

Group business development coaching focused on deeply understanding your market and industry, developing a robust brand for both the firms and individual attorneys, building and nurturing a robust network, using consultative selling, giving impactful pitches, getting to the ask, and providing excellent client service. Each participant tracks and shares their business development activities to increase accountability and develop impactful business development habits.

Why Focus Forward?

20 years of experience as a former senior legal officer at Fortune 50 firm
Certified coach with deep expertise in developing careers, business & talent
Champion of Women and Diversity


The negotiation tips and market information we discussed allowed me to more than double my salary.

Mid-Atlantic In-House Counsel

"Sheila has an actively growing network which means she has the pulse of what is going on in the legal industry."

Southern In-House Counsel

"As a former senior executive leader with a strong legal network, Sheila knows how people are getting hired...."

Mid-Atlantic- Corporate Legal Group Head
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