Benefits of Career Coaching

Sheila Murphy
June 12, 2020

Many professionals have heard of career coaches but are not sure what value add a trained coach can have on their upward mobility, professional development, and fulfillment. Many successful professionals, leaders, and executives swear by their services. Here, some benefits that of career coaching:


They will help you become clear about fulfillment, success, passion, and productivity means in both your career and personal lives.


Understanding what fulfillment, success, passion, and productivity means gives you clarity on the type of position and work environment you want. Coaching provides a space for you to focus, design, and work towards your dream career and life. 


They can help you acquire new skills and succeed.


The higher you rise in your field, the harder the competition becomes. The skills that helped you get to one level will not take you to the next, and in fact, some can hurt you. You need advice particular to your situation and skills—not generic advice. Coaches can help you understand how to stand out, what new skills and behaviors you need, and how to create and implement a development plan. They can help you learn to manage and lead more effectively—as well as communicate effectively. Coaches can also create a space for you to test out these skills.


They challenge you to move out of your comfort zone — and thrive. 


Coaches can help you energize yourself when you feel stagnated. They can push you outside of your comfort zone, make you innovative, and build teams that can bring your organization to the next level. Coaches understand that for you to succeed—you need to progress—you cannot be complacent. They will help you become unstuck and thrive.


They will provide the necessary feedback. 

We all love positive feedback, and it helps us understand our strengths and motivates us. However, we need to hear critical feedback that can move barriers to our success and fulfillment and help us get to the next level. A coach can bring an unbiased view of circumstances.


They hold you accountable.


Friends, relatives, and mentors can be active champions; t hey are likely to give you a break when you don’t follow through on pursuing your dream. An experienced coach will hold you accountable and work with you to understand why you are not taking the necessary steps and sabotaging yourself.A coach also partners with you to make sure you are creating the career and life you want. 




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