Angling to Being Memorable

Sheila Murphy
March 8, 2021

I will admit it-- I am awful with names.

If I meet you at an event-- I most likely will walk away from you a few minutes later and have no clue what your name is-- but I will remember your story.

However, many people do not remember names or stories unless they - or you - are memorable.

So how do you become unforgettable?

Often you become memorable by using a hook or angle.

So what is your hook?

I met two women at the same conference. Both were extremely memorable for very different reasons. The first introduced herself by telling me that she wrote a murder mystery. Needless to say, she had me at "Murder She Wrote." We talked about her book and how she balanced that with her business.

The other guided the conversation to her business book and the impact she had on her clients. The more she told me about her approach, the more intrigued and began to think of people I could introduce her to. By the way, to this day-- even with my problem with names- I remember both of their names.

I worked with another woman, a fierce litigator though you would not know it if you met her at a networking event. She was also not very open about her life. One day, my litigator mentioned that before practicing law, she had several rather colorful occupations. She had this fascinating past- that linked to her work, but she never told that story. We worked on her becoming more comfortable revealing her life. Now, I see her at conferences discussing her background, and let me tell you; people are dying to hear more about her and how she transformed her experience into her present.

Another example was a woman lawyer who listed a very "bland" headline on her LinkedIn Profile. She asked if I would review it, as well as her firm bio. After talking to her more, I discovered she failed to speak about her broad international practice and had practiced in some unusual locations. We focused more of her brand on this aspect of her expertise and what she found was that people became more interested in learning about the entirety of her practice.

I know what you are saying in your head. I have not written a crime novel, a successful business book, practiced internationally, or had a colorful past life. That is right. You have not, but we all have our own hooks or angles that can make you memorable.

Here are some other examples:

  • Opera singer
  • College Water Polo Player
  • First Generation Lawyer
  • Volunteering

We are all unique and have a story to tell. If you are unsure what your angle is, ask some friends or colleagues what your hook is. If you are shy about bringing it up, have an ally, help you tell your story until you are more comfortable.

The goal is to be memorable and use that as an opportunity to begin to talk about your brand.

If you accomplish that, you are on your way to building an authentic relationship that may be mutually beneficial.

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